Please contact us on 01298 214601

Urgent Appointments

We continue to offer urgent dental appointments each day. You must CALL the practice to enquire or book an appointment. Enquiring via email or the contact us page on the website may delay our response.

Urgent appointments are available daily. Once they are booked for the current day, the following day does not become available to book until the morning of the following day so you may be asked to call back then if all the appointments for the current day have been booked.

We are continuing to try our best to offer advice and urgent appointments where possible to anyone in genuine need, whether you have been seen here before or not. If we have the availability we will happily try our best to get you out of pain. Please call the practice to enquire.

Urgent cases can be triaged over the phone. In the event of where there is clinical indications that antibiotics are required the arrangements can be made.

If you require advice outside of our opening hours, please contact NHS 111.

Some useful advice can be found on the NHS website, it lists different conditions and advice for each one